An examination of the past

February 10, 2011

One of my recent interests has been studying my own genealogy. I’ve always been interested in family lines, genetics, rules of inheritance, passings of kingships. I pored over the only copy of Debrett’s Peerage I could get my hands on in suburban Southern California. I studied the quirks of history that arose out of genealogies and population growth patterns.

Recently, though, I’ve wanted to know more about where I came from, what’s inside of me, who are my progenitors, and where have we been?

I started to get serious about it when my father died, just over a year ago. I only had two living progenitors. Of all the people who came before me, only two still lived that could tell their own histories. The others had been laid to rest, had become quietly lost to the passing of years and the forgetting.

My mother and my mother’s mother are still alive. I intend to start a series of vignettes from my genealogy. I’m going to not just trace my people’s names and birth dates, I’m going to find out who they were and how they lived. I will not be telling my Mom and Grandma’s stories though; they will remain anonymous because they are still making their histories!

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