Frank and Edith Richards in 1930

June 17, 2011

My mother’s mother’s parents were named Frank Alfred Richards and Edith Elizabeth Jones. They were born in 1892 and 1893, respectively, in Michigan.

They were the children of immigrants.
Their child, my grandmother, is a granddaughter of immigrants.
My mother is a great-granddaughter of immigrants.
I am a great-great-granddaughter of immigrants.

The document above is the record from the Fifteenth United States Federal Census (1930) containing data on the household of Frank and Edith Richards, my maternal great-grandparents. The pertinent text is as follows:

Frank A. Richards age 37, Head of Household, employed as a carpenter at a movie studio, born in Michigan. His parents were both born in Germany, and their mother tongue was German.

Edith E. Richards age 36, wife, born in Michigan. Her father was born in England and her mother was born in Canada, both speaking English as their mother tongue.

Their address was 3839 W. Ave. 41, Los Angeles, California. They owned their home, valued at $5500.

They’d been married for sixteen years and could both read and write.
They did not have a radio.

Their children:
Robert F. Richards, age 14, employed as a newsboy delivering papers
Helen E. Richards, age 12
Genevieve G. Richards, age 10
Alfred F. Richards, age 7
Elaine E. Richards, age 5
Gerald Richards, age 3

My grandmother had not yet been born.

The other people listed on the sheet were their neighbors in real life. Like them, they were white and came from somewhere else, not from Los Angeles. Quite a few of them were also children of immigrants. Some of them rented their homes, some owned them. They were employed as laborers, police officers, sign painters, tailors, launderers, autoworkers, insurance agents.

I think their 1930s neighborhood is now a parking lot for a shopping center. How L.A.

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