I’ve been busy

September 5, 2006

Matilda’s preschool had a teacher work day today, so she stayed home with me. We went to the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke this morning, and it was a fun little outing. I’d been terrified to bring my children to a museum with me, just thinking of how bored they would get and how disappointed I’d be to have to leave after just a short visit, and so I’ve been avoiding them for years now. But she handled it pretty well, and we were well satisfied. The museum’s permanent collection is nice – and they had an impressive display of selections from it – I was particularly attracted to the very large 17th century (?) map of Rome and the John Singer Sargent painting. Matilda liked the giant allegorical painting of Christ and hell and devils and scourges and whatnot. We sat in front of that one for a while and talked about what we saw in the picture. She seemed to think it was pretty cool that someone painted that, as she’s no stranger to painting herself. The other two galleries were disappointing – one showing a 90 minute film with the theme of the Rape of the Sabine Women, and a sign out front warning of sexual violence (no shit) and possible inappropriateness for viewing by children – the other showing 6 short films with various themes. I was kind of fascinated with one that showed creepy computer-generated images of suburbia, Matilda liked the one of the pedicabs underwater. I got pissed off by the one that showed a naked woman from the neck down hula hooping a hoop made of barbed wire. Yawn. There was a sign in front of that one warning of nudity, and I thought “whatever, like she’s never seen naked people before,” so I walked in with Matilda. The sign should have warned about the close-ups of self-mortified, undulating flesh. The violence of it irritated me more than the nudity would have.

Yesterday Sean and I took the kids to the public library and then out to the country for ice cream at Maple View. I wished I’d brought my camera – the view was so perfectly North Carolina Piedmont.

Sunday we four went to Leanne’s son’s 3rd birthday party. We all got bit by mosquitoes but had a nice time. The kids had an incredible time, actually. There were two inflatable swimming pools. And beer and grape Kool-Aid (which my children had oddly never tasted before and which brought memories rushing back to me) and cool robot and monster-themed snacks.

Saturday I took my girls to the town commons to see the Radicackalacky puppet performances. We met up with Maria and Emily there. We stayed all afternoon. It was so much fun, to see an event in this town sponsored by people in my generation, for people in my generation, rather than by and for Boomers. That’s the feeling I got from it anyway. It felt far more relevant than all the other community events I’ve attended in this town. The energy was exciting, and I was feeling pretty glad about having my children grow up feeling comfortable in such a creative and (ugh, dare I say it) radical atmosphere. They had a blast. I thought the performances by Bread and Puppet Theater were particularly fun.

In all that time I also managed to finish two knitting projects and get dreaming on another and finish one book and start two more (this one and this one). My first day at my new job is tomorrow. I’m pretty excited about it.