16 more happies

May 3, 2010

1. cake stand…, 2. fabric painting, 3. blanket in progress, 4. thrifty finds…, 5. new project, 6. robin egg blue, 7. Untitled, 8. hospice, 9. 100_0871, 10. Out of Touch, 11. merry christmas and all that…just give me the treat., 12. Poodle Baba, 13. Turtles in a Row, 14. Graham Coxon & his daughter Pepper, 15. Sevenberry, 16. Scarlet Fig Fabric – Red and Blue set

More photos from my Flickr favorites that inspire me. The month of May will be filled with beautiful things, happy things, and flowers.

I am particularly fond of Photo 14 of Graham Coxon and his daughter Pepper.

I am also, STILL, nuts about Whitney Smith Pottery, as shown in Photo 6. I’ve been wanting one of those dogwood cake stands (in robin’s egg blue of course, like this sugar and creamer set) for a while, and my want only increased by seeing a wee one at Meriza’s house last November. She has seconds sales sometimes, it’s always tempting.


How to feel like a woman

February 10, 2010

The first Saturday of this year was very cold. A much-loved vintage&junk store in the area was having a massive everything in the store closing sale that morning, so Cathleen, Amanda and I drove out to Chatham County to have a look. It wasn’t just a sale, it was an event. While trying on a fur stole I was accosted by an adorable newspaper reporter who was asking questions and taking photographs. She asked me what the attraction to vintage clothing is for me. I responded that I liked vintage and vintage-inspired clothes (particularly from the first few years of the 1960s) because they make me feel like a woman.

I’d never thought about it that way before that moment. Truly, though, nothing makes me feel more confident, desirable, clever, sophisticated, and feminine than stepping out fully dressed from head to toe. And the best way to top off a vintage-inspired outfit is with a smart coat, and I really, really, really want a coat with a fur collar. Wouldn’t that just be the icing on the cake?

I saw these in an Etsy shop, and I’m just boiling with desire for one (or all) of them:

All coat photos are from Dear Golden Vintage.

Oh Toast, you are delicious

December 1, 2009

Toast makes lovely clothes.

From Toast

If I were actively building a winter wardrobe, it would look something like this. Thankfully for my pocketbook, Toast is a British retailer, and it is much easier to resist online shopping if international postage is involved.

Jason Munn

March 12, 2009

These posters are wonderful and they are by Jason Munn.







Yokoo handknits

January 14, 2009

The Minnie in Hazelnut by Yokoo

The Minnie in Hazelnut by Yokoo

The Pembroke Cowl in Sweet Pea by Yokoo

The Pembroke Cowl in Sweet Pea by Yokoo

This morning I found myself down the Internet rabbit hole, where one click leads to another, leads to another, leads to another, and leads to another. After many clicks I stumbled upon the Etsy storefront for Yokoo.

I can’t pinpoint why I like these photographs so much. The scarves and hats are not to my style. The woman’s personal style is not to my taste, although I do admire the amount of dedication it must take to pull off looking like Woody Allen and Diane Keaton at the same time. Nevertheless, there is something very compelling about her photographs. Apparently they are self-portraits. I’m very impressed with the composition, the lighting, the colors, and the small details that make the photographs work so well. That stack of yarn balls in one picture just kills me.

Also, I have recently determined that Annie Hall just might be my favorite movie. One more point – I’ve taken to wearing my own Very Large Scarf That Could Almost Pass For A Muffler as the temperature in Chapel Hill has become quite cold lately. So maybe I’m just digging on the bulky scarfness and Woody Allen-ness of her photographs.

Yokoo has an Etsy store and a Flickr page. Judging from these photographs, she’s also got a masterful scowl, a talent I always appreciate.

SIGH. And now I realize those are CROCHETED not knitted.

$69.00 at Zappo’s