song o’ the day

October 9, 2008

the Pipettes – “Dirty Mind”

She got to know his mind intimately
She was surprised to find
Something of an anomaly
You see this perfect boy
Wasn’t quite so pristine
He had ideas that would (He had ideas that could)
Make the devil scream

Dirty mind, don’t know what you’re gonna find
He’s got a dirty mind, just don’t know what you’re gonna find

I woke up this morning with this song playing in my head and it made me think of a certain someone.

song o’ the day

April 27, 2007

Black Affair – “It Goes Like This”

S E X Y.

From the band who “now live in a remote corner of Japan in the 1980’s and work only on music.”

(No really, it’s Steve Mason from the Beta Band and King Biscuit Time, and maybe some other dudes or something.)

Heard on their/his myspace page. Go listen to it, maybe make your weekend a little brighter. Well, a little sexier, maybe.

song o’ the day

February 21, 2007

the Flaming Lips – “Do You Realize?”

Do you realize that you have the most beautiful face?
Do you realize we’re floating in space?
Do you realize that happiness makes you cry?
Do you realize that everyone you know someday will die?

I have nothing to say about this song other than YES. Wow.

(Hat tip to Jason, again.)

song o’ the day

February 15, 2007

Tullycraft – “Pink Lemonade (4-track version)”

Well I swear,
You’re so cute, you could be an angel.
You’re as pretty as pink lemonade.
Well I swear.

I received a copy of this compilation in the mail last week, and I don’t recall exactly how come, but I’m glad it showed up in the mailbox. A little searching on the internet tells me it was originally released in 1996, and there are a bunch of lions of indiepop on the thing. About half the songs are great. This is a very rough version of “Pink Lemonade.” I like songs like this, that kind of straddle the line between pop and punk. Sometimes it’s hard to tell where one genre stops and the other begins. (OK, don’t laugh at me for saying that.) Anyway, this is a fast guitar song sort of in the vein of the more upbeat Unrest songs. I could totally see myself jumping up and down to this song at a Tullycraft show…that is, if Tullycraft ever, ever, ever managed to play in Chapel Hill, ahem.

song o’ the day

February 14, 2007

El Perro del Mar – “I Can’t Talk About It”

Baby, there’s been a lot going on.
Baby, there’s been a lot going on.
I can’t really talk about it.
I can’t really talk about it…

Baby, oh baby. Baby, oh baby.
Lately, I’ve made a life of my own.
Lately, I’ve made a life of my own.
I can’t really talk about it.
I can’t really talk about it…

At times it feels like this album is my life right now, and this song especially so. This song oozes hurt and conflict-avoidance. The song should be sweet, hey it’s got handclaps and girl-group backing vocals, but it’s played off somehow in a way that makes it sound tired and sad, and her voice enhances those feelings.

song o’ the day

February 9, 2007

Two songs of the day, one new, one old, both new to me!

Midlake – “Young Bride”

My young bride,
why aren’t you moving at all?
Helps to make the day seem shorter.

I went to see this band play a show in town the other night, at Jason’s urging, and I’m really glad I did. They were very impressive – great songs, great skill, great showmanship. It was a fantastic set. And this was the best song. The chorus just soars is one way to describe it…

the Gerbils – “Crayon Box”

Look what you’ve done. How could you
Go out and watch the show without me?
You know that Portastatic is still my favorite band.

Now I see what I was missing out on in the mid-late 90s, not having any knowledge at all of the Athens, GA music scene. It’s fun playing catch-up, especially for coming across gems like the Gerbils. This is really great fuzzy-guitared, lo-fi, head-bopping pop. Well, and the words in this song crack me up. I’ve felt this way before, but with different band name substituted for Portastatic!

song o’ the day

February 5, 2007

Katie the Pest – “Sober”

You’re unstoppable.
I’m unstoppable.
I’m on top of you now.

Many thanks to the indiepop listserv for bringing this band to my attention this morning, because I LOVE this song. It’s very catchy, and very demo-sounding (I like that towards the beginning you can hear one of the women coughing in the backgroud, after the music has started), and, well, it sounds a lot like a rougher Aislers Set. Which is how they were described when I read about them this morning, and honestly that really is the best description.

They have a myspace page of course: