The document above is the record from the Fourteenth United States Federal Census (1920) containing data on the household of Frank and Edith Richards, my maternal great-grandparents. The pertinent text is as follows:

Frank A. Richards age 27, Head of Household, employed as a machinist at an auto shop, born in Michigan. His parents were both born in Germany, and their mother tongue was German.

Edith E. Richards age 26, wife, born in Michigan. Her father was born in England and her mother was born in Canada, both speaking English as their mother tongue.

They could both read and write.

Their children:
Robert F. Richards age 4 yrs 6 mos
Helen E. Richards age 1 yr 2 mos.

They lived at 1338 S. Olive St., Los Angeles, Calif., in a 6-unit building. They rented their home.

My grandmother, their daughter, had not yet been born. They had recently moved to Los Angeles. My great-grandfather was working on cars in 1920!

The four other families in their building also rented, and they were also white. One of the units housed a single mother aged 49, the manager of the building, with her two school-aged children. The next unit housed a young couple with a toddler and an infant (husband a “general laborer”), the next another couple with an infant (he was a house painter for a living), and the fifth unit housed a couple in their 40s (husband a self-employed real estate agent). I guess the sixth unit was unoccupied. None of the families were originally from California.

I wonder if the three young mothers got along and helped each other out, Edith, Hazel, and Genevieve.

I think this is where Frank and Edith Richards lived in 1920. I think the building has since disappeared and was probably where the parking lot with the two red cars is now. Places don’t last very long in Southern California, they get turned into parking lots.