More Flickr favorites.

1. Blue Circles, 2. Elephants, 3. vintage 1950s Persephone Party Dress in Teal, 4. 42-17022006, 5. Hello Daisy, 6. Solitude, 7. goodbye my dears, 8. Idaho Green Ramble, 9. ring around the Del, 10. louise_brooks_21, 11. louise_brooks_1606, 12. tk5242, 13. Elizabeth Taylor, 1963, 14. Corvair ad, 1964, 15. Donovan, Vidal Sasson hair cut, 1962, 16. summer boatneck top

Elizabeth Taylor, I love you.

Perfect frothy 50s prom dresses, I love you even more.

Matilda made me a card:

Top 10 Things I Love About My Mom

10. You “make” me nice clothes.
9. We spend time together.
8. You let me play on the compter.
7. You make me “healthy” lunches.
6. You take care of me.
5. You love me!
4. You read books to me.
3. We go shopping togther.
2. You make me you heavenly cookies.
1. You never mind when I burn your toast.

(directly transcribed from her card.)

There were other cards and pictures, and Tallulah made me a mulberry tart. It was a lovely mother’s day visit.

My two girls (on the way to crazy hair day at school last week):

16 more happies

May 3, 2010

1. cake stand…, 2. fabric painting, 3. blanket in progress, 4. thrifty finds…, 5. new project, 6. robin egg blue, 7. Untitled, 8. hospice, 9. 100_0871, 10. Out of Touch, 11. merry christmas and all that…just give me the treat., 12. Poodle Baba, 13. Turtles in a Row, 14. Graham Coxon & his daughter Pepper, 15. Sevenberry, 16. Scarlet Fig Fabric – Red and Blue set

More photos from my Flickr favorites that inspire me. The month of May will be filled with beautiful things, happy things, and flowers.

I am particularly fond of Photo 14 of Graham Coxon and his daughter Pepper.

I am also, STILL, nuts about Whitney Smith Pottery, as shown in Photo 6. I’ve been wanting one of those dogwood cake stands (in robin’s egg blue of course, like this sugar and creamer set) for a while, and my want only increased by seeing a wee one at Meriza’s house last November. She has seconds sales sometimes, it’s always tempting.